Your boys play hockey - they're in the semi-finals with the series tied at two.
You're a mom and you can see first hand how hungry they are for a win. 
It's game day, the pressure's on and you can't fight it off any longer - your
maternal instincts kick in and take over - what do you do?

What else?  Put the pasta to boil and serve up a hearty spaghetti lunch!

That's exactly what these Raider moms did!  With not much time to spare,
Lisa Magalas opened her kitchen and joined by partner in crime Patty Lisowick,
the two created a spaghetti lunch that was intended to energize this team - both
staff and players - prior to Sunday evening's home game #5 vs the Twins.

Given that it seemed to have worked, I wonder what else "Mom" has on the
menu - hint, hint! 

Once again, thanks Mom - whether it's one, two or all of you - Raider Mom's are the best!
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