April 8, 2018 - Game 1, MMJHL Final Series: Raiders Junior Hockey Team vs Transcona Railer Express

The MMJHL, The Raiders Junior Hockey Club and Transcona Railer Express united in solidarity to honour the Town of Humboldt and the Humboldt Broncos organization in light of the devastating tragedy that took place on Friday, April 6, 2018 - a day that would change the lives of many throughout the tight-knit community and around the hockey world.

Despite the Raiders 2-1 loss to the Railer Express, we felt like winners. The pride and the sportsmanship of the league and the players and staff on both sides of the ice was commendable and adding to the mix fans and supporters, we sent our condolences and prayers to those closely affected by this event. 

It is with heavy hearts we played this game, but do so as a tribute to those lives lost and to help those impacted begin the healing process. 

Much love and respect always!

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