Playing hockey in the MMJHL offers all kinds of opportunities but who would have thought it would help you get the attention of Hollywood?

That's exactly what you'll see if you join the crowd of people
heading to the theatres
when GOON the Movie opens!   

You may have to go a couple of times, or maybe buy a copy but watch closely to see
Raider players Ryan Magalas and Cole Cassie living it up as extra's in the movie. Other
players from around the league that impressed the casting team include
Garrett Shymko and
Scott Brauer from River East, and Brett Nespor from Stonewall.

The Raiders said the experience of working on a movie set was very interesting, but also felt it
was great to see so many other players both young and old that still had a passion for the game, and still had high level game-skills. It was a real eye-opener for the players, as they got an appreciation for how long it takes to get that magic shot you see on the big screen.

Cole Cassie remembers the entire afternoon they spent at the St. James Civic Centre staging a
line brawl. They repeated things over and over again, shooting from different angles and found it hard to keep a straight face because they were having so much fun.

The star of the show, Seann William Scott was friendly and players say he happily posed with them for pictures. And of course what young hockey player wouldn't enjoy working on a movie set when the craft services trailer seemed to always have food cooking, or snacks around for them to feast

So, hit the theatre and get swept away by the action of Goon the Movie and enjoy the idea that now you know a bunch of "movie stars".
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