Bye Week Bingo Bowling

The Raiders Junior Hockey Club has a proud tradition of spending their Friday nights
playing hockey at their home, Billy Mosienko Arena.  But, this year, a huge gap in the schedule
early in the season saw them without a game to play on Friday, October 14th. 

So, did they take advantage of this lull to get in some extra ice time; some additional dryland training perhaps?  Nope.  In keeping with tradition, they once again found themselves at Billy Mosienkio - but this time, instead of skating, they were bowling. 

The Raiders exec decided it was time for some early season bonding, so they invited the
players and their parents to Billy Mosienko Lanes for an evening of Bingo Bowling. 

The night was filled with laughter, and, as you can imagine, some pretty high-spirited competition.
And of course, in keeping with "north-end" tradition, the evening was complete with a snack which 
included rye bread and cold cuts! 

What a great night and yet another great move from this "first-class" organization. 
Watch for this move to pay dividends as new Raiders and vets get to know each other
off the ice as well as they know them on the ice! 

Go Raiders!
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