2nd Annual Alumni Game

January 21, 2012 - Their equipment fit a little more snuggly than it used to, and some of them may have lost a step over the years but the constant remained ...
"Once A Raider, Always A Raider".

The annual Raider alumni game once again brought old teammates and friends back together for an afternoon of good natured competition, joking and storytelling. The game featured recent veterans, current Raider coaches (and alumni) Andy Williamson and Gerard McDonald, and even a couple of war horses who were Raiders when the team won the league title in 1980.

Like the Junior team itself, the Raider Alumni made sure the fans got their money's worth. This good natured contest was tied after regulation, so what else would you expect from a bunch of Raiders - but overtime!

The score ended up 6-5 for the White Squad but that isn't why these guys pushed their bodies and risked the pains and strains that come from this type of game. This was about honouring the past, raising some money for the current Raider team and really, just having fun.  Imagine that moment on the ice when the puck hit their stick and they looked up ice with just one man to beat for a chance to score. In that moment they were young(er) men again, and more importantly for that hour and a half they were RAIDERS again.

Thanks for the fun, and thanks for paving the way to what we have today.

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