The Raiders Junior Hockey club proudly hosted the 2013 MMJHL All Star game February 2nd at Billy Mosienko arena. The game featured Team Shule, with representatives from the Raiders, River East Royal Knights, Charleswood Hawks, Stonewall Jets, and St. Vital Vics taking on Team Rempel with representatives from the Fort Garry Fort Rouge Twins, St. James Canucks, Transcona Railer Express, Pembina Valley Twisters, and St. Boniface Riels.

Team Shule opened the scoring (Brett Harvie-Jets) but Team Rempel answered quickly (Brent Talling-Railer Express) and then took a 2-1 lead (Tyler Groening-Twisters) in the final minute of the period.The teams found their offensive spark in the second period as Team Rempel exploded with goals from Stanislav Izvekov (Riels), Andrew Kaminsky (Twins), Tyler Peers (Twisters) and Andrew Kaminsky (Twins) while Team Shule got goals from Brock Couch (Jets), Brett Harvie (Jets), and Brody Warren (Hawks) to make it 6-4.

The goal scoring continued in the third with Team Shule getting offense from Dillon Smith (Hawks), Brody Fostey (Vics), and Jordan Lisowick (Raiders) but it wasn't enough as Team Rempel got markers from Stanislav Izvekov (Riels), Jesse Antonyshen (Canucks), and back to back goals from Peter Logan (Twins) to make the final score 10-7 for Team Rempel.

Thanks again to the Raiders for hosting the game and organizing the skills competition. Cam Hildebrand (Raiders) won the agility, and Team Shule represented by Sean Kubas (Hawks), Mike Lazo (Raiders) and Jesse Toth (Hawks) won the 3 on 0 shootout (now that's a goalie's nightmare). Stanislav Izvekov (Riels) broke his stick in the accuracy competition but still pulled out the win, and Mitchell O'Brien (Twisters) narrowly won the fastest skater competition.

1) Brett Gagnon - Raiders
2) Scott Brauer 'A' - R.E.
3) Kyle Krzyzaniak - Hawks
4) Jordan Lisowick - Raiders
5) Jeff Weslake - Raiders
6) Dillon Smith 'C' - Hawks
7) Brett Harvie - Stonewall
8) Mark Goerzen 'A' - Vics
9) Mike Lazo - Raiders
10) Brody Fostey - Vics
11) Paul Kastes - Vics
12) Matt Lumsden - R.E.
13) Brody Warren - Hawks
14) Cam Hildebrand 'A' - Raiders
15) Brock Couch - Stonewall
16) Garrett Shymko - R.E.
17) Tim Hook - Vics
18) Sean Kubas - Hawks

19) Jesse Toth - Hawks
30) Lucas Felbel - Hawks

1) Charlie Pogue - Twins
2) Sam Klack 'A' - Canucks
3) Mike Riffel - Railer Express
4) Matt Vis - Twins
5) Connor Sisson 'A' - Twisters
6) Peter Logan - Twins
7) Mitchell O'Brien - Twisters
8) Andrew Kaminsky 'A' - Twins
9) Brent Talling - Railer Express
10) Jesse Antonyshen - Canucks
11) Stanislav Izvekov - Riels
12) Eric Eronen - Canucks
13) Cam Fehr - Canucks
14) Jeremy Yocom - Twins
15) Tyler Groening - Twisters
16) Mark Tomlinson 'C' - Twins
17) Brett Charette - Riels
18) Jory Coates - Twisters
19) Tyler Peers - Twisters
33) Kyle Vandemosselaer

Lucas Felbel - Hawks
Peter Logan - Twins
Connor Sisson - Twisters
Cam Hildebrand - Raiders
Jesse Antonyshen - Canucks
Tim Hook - Vics

Brett Gagnon - Raiders
Jordan Lisowick - Raiders
Dillon Smith - Hawks
Jesse Toth - Hawks
Sean Kubas - Hawks
Mark Tomlinson - Twins





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